TRION Singapore and Malaysia provide Static Control solutions (ESD or Anti Static) to the operational usage requirement in tandem to the floor conditions for Cleanrooms, Electronics and Electronics warehousing industries.

TRION Anti Static system of average of 1 to 1.5mmT offers an inexpensive yet high specification means of protecting sensitive areas from the costly effects of static build up and provides a means of grounding personnel.


TRION Anti Static or disspitative or conductive floor has been widely used in electronic factories, computer room, printing factories, storage of expolosive materials, pharmaceutical plants and other factories and locations dealing with hazardous dust,inflammable gased or liquids.

TRION's belief with good surface preparation is the key to making it last as long as possible.With this belief, TRION has invested substantially in Japan Make floor scarifiyer machines and hand held grinding machines with vacuum attached. Unlike most of our competitors' machineries where the vacuum are separated, all

TRION's surface preparation scarifiyer has a built in vacuum which equates to almost dust free during floor preparation.

Conductive Primer Finish
Conductive Primer Finish
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